RUSH Wizard

RUSH Wizard
The RUSH Wizard is the Martin Wizard Extreme re-energized: lighter, brighter, more compact and even more energy efficient.

This music trigged and DMX-Controllable “full-house” effect light features extraordinary bright, magical effects and houses two independent color/gobo wheels offering 7 colors plus 2 white and 13 gobo patterns, as well as shutter for fast strobing. The Wizard delivers more than 80 agile light beams, each beam chasing the other while continuously changing color and gobo pattern.

• 130 W short-arc discharge with reflector
• 13 gobos plus open
• More than 80 magical light beams
• 7 colors + 2 open
• Shutter: Strobe effect, pulse effects, instant open and blackout
• Adjustable focus
NZ$ 2,884.00 excluding GST
NZ$ 3,316.60 including GST
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