M2GO Console

M2GO Console
M2GO is equipped with a fast, dual-core processor and answers the demand for a more powerful lighting console in a smaller form.

It offers a professional level of features in a portable package and has been developed with cost, ergonomics, feature set, size and weight in mind. The Martin M2GO again sets a new standard as the most powerful and affordable full-featured lighting console on the market.

• Built-in Industrial Dual Core CPU, 32GB SSD, 4GB RAM, HDMI, VGA,
• Dual Gigabit Artnet and Maxnet
• 3.5” touchscreen for fast and direct parameter access
• 4 digital encoders for parameters
• 8 customizable function keys
• 4 DMX ports st
NZ$ 14,426.00 excluding GST
NZ$ 16,589.90 including GST
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