Hono - Tai Waananga

Friday 6 August 2021 - Saturday 7 August 2021

We begin in the realm of  Kahurangi, or the highest celestial glory of the Māori Gods before Man was and after Te Kore, the void.  Ngā Atua tuupuna watch over their mokopuna on earth.  They see the struggles, the challenges, the pain, and the successes of all men and women. 
Aapiti hono tatai hono, raatou te hunga wairua ki raatou, aapiti hono taatai hono taatou, taatou te hunga ora ki a taatou! Tihei Mauriora!
HONO explores issues pertaining to Mental health and deals with young adult themes.

Friday 6 August evening session: 7 - 8.30pm
Saturday 7 August evening: 7 - 8.30pm

Tickets can be purchased at Tai Wānanga with online or over counter at Clarence st theatre direct. No allocated seating.

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