No Exit - One Question Theatre Company

Thursday 26 March 2020 - Saturday 28 March 2020

Estelle Rigault, Inez Serrano and Joseph Garcin are trapped in a room outside of time with only a bronze statuette, a paper knife and a doorbell…  Each are mystified at their being here and are frightened that there has been some terrible error. But this is a perfectly depicted Existential hell, they don’t make mistakes and people aren’t damned for nothing. 
The light’s always on and one’s eyes always open. Is this simply the before, a waiting room of sorts? Or are they doomed to an eternity of each other’s company? When will the torture finally begin and relieve them of one another? Or has it begun already? 

Newly-established company ONE QUESTION presents the thought-provoking psychodrama NO EXIT by Jean Paul Sartre, which coined the concept that Hell is other people and inspired the hit TV show ‘The Good Place’. NO EXIT is a depiction of the afterlife that is bound to leave you asking a question or two…

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