The Recreate Show Awards - Hospice Waikato

Sunday 25 August 2019
03:00 PM

Recreate is an exciting way to celebrate sustainability and creativity while also supporting a great cause – Hospice Waikato.

The event seeks to promote the benefits of up-cycling, reducing waste in landfill and to inspire a move away from the worldwide epidemic of fast fashion and mindless consumption.

Recreate will demonstrate that high-end fashion can be made from up-cycled materials and that if we all take small steps in this direction, we can make a great change.

The entertaining and exciting show will inspire with its creativity and examples of wearable, up-cycled outfits for those craving unique, stylish sustainable and fashion forward dressing.

There are prizes in EVERY category for ladies’ wear and menswear. Recreate’s categories: Streetstyle, Denim, Colours of the Rainbow, Creative Showstoppers and Young Designers.

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