Mary Poppins - Hamilton Operatic Society

Saturday 25 November 2017 - Saturday 9 December 2017

Directed by David Sidwell
Choreographed by Sonja McGirr-Garrett
Musically Directed by Timothy Carpenter

The world’s most famous nanny flies into Claudelands Arena for a strictly limited season. 

The story of the Banks family who live on Cherry Lane, London, are having a dreadful time of things. The children, Jane and Michael, are out of control and need a new nanny. Jane and Michael have their own ideas about what sort of caretaker they should have, while their parents - and in particular Mr. Banks - are insistent on someone strict for the job.

When the mysterious Mary Poppins appears at their doorstep, the family finds that she’s the answer to their prayers. Mary Poppins takes the children on magical and memorable adventures, but Jane and Michael aren’t the only ones she has a profound effect upon. 

Even grown-ups can learn a lesson or two from the nanny who advises that…“Anything can happen if you let it.

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