Festoons and fairy lights

Festoons and fairy lights

Festo 100 LED festoon lights. 
Our most popular hire for weddings and parties.  Comes in 15m lengths.

Day 1:        $2.00+GST per meter
Days after: $0.50+GST per meter

Fairy light strings, white on white, 4m

Day 1:        $10.00+GST
Days after: $  2.50+GST

LED Fairylight curtain, white/red/warm white on black, 2x3m

Day 1:        $50.00+GST
Days after: $10.00+GST

White sheer drapes 6x3m - used in front of fairy lights

Day 1:        $30.00+GST
Days after: $6.00+GST

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